Join the Band

So you just heard about the Point University Marching Skyhawks and you are interested in learning more about joining the band.  Well this is the information just for you!


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Here are the top reasons why people join the Marching Skyhawks.

  1.  You want to be a part of one of the fastest growing Christian college campuses in the southeast.
    • Did you know that Point University now has almost 2,000 students at multiple campuses, including hundreds of students studying online all across the world?
  2. You want to be a part of a Nationally Competing Collegiate Ensemble.
    • The Marching Skyhawks compete in the winter as “Point Winds Theater” and “Point Indoor Percussion” at the Winter Guard International World Championship in Dayton, Ohio.  Point University now has three World Championship medals, making it one of the most elite ensembles in the country. 
  3. You want to receive a Scholarship.
    • Did you know that 100% of the Marching Skyhawks receive a band scholarship?  Even the color guard, majorettes, and dance line?  And I don’t mean a “small grant” like at other colleges!  Our band students receive a significant scholarship to be in the Marching Skyhawks.  The best part, it requires no audition!  Keep reading to learn more.
  4. You want to be a part of something BIGGER than themselves.
    • The Marching Skyhawks are more than a marching band.  Band directors use band to teach you principles that will make you successful in education, business, finance, medicine, and all other aspects of your life.  More so, the band emphasizes a Christian worldview.  A part of this viewpoint is the idea that our life is more than about band, it is about making the world a better place!
  5. You want to be a part of a #Family where you can truly #Belong.
    • Our band is a family, and not just a typical band family.  Our program believes that when you join, you do not have to change who you are.  You can bring yourself just the way you are.  We want our members to feel that they are in a place where they can belong.  Have you struggled to find a family?  Do you want to belong?  We are the place for you!

Before we talk about our awesome scholarships, lets answer the questions that I know you have!

  • How good are the Marching Skyhawks?  The Point University band is considered one of the finest band programs in the country.  We have a team of directors and staff that have won multiple DCI finalist medals and WGI trophies.  Furthermore, our staff has decades of experience in building highly effective teams.  Our shows are much more than your typical half time show.  We do our best to bring theater, stage, and music of all genres to the field.  Here are a couple examples of our fall marching band as well as our WGI competition show.  Notice that our students play everything from rock, pop, and rap, to classical, concert, and wind band literature.  We do our best to showcase it all. 
  • Will I enjoy learning at Point University and be prepared for life?  Absolutely!  In fact, Point University is a private college that focuses on developing leaders in the marketplace.  Here are some videos of our students as well as course specific content to tell you more about the Point story.
  • What is housing like?  All of our housing is brand new!  Check out this video to learn more.
  • Scholarships.  Can I afford to attend Point University?  In many situations, attending Point University is more affordable than any other option you will find.  Point University is one of the lowest priced, but best valued, private colleges in the state of Georgia!  Here are the steps to receive a scholarship:
  1. Email our band director and say, “I want to join the band.  I play ________________ and I want a scholarship!”
  2. The band director will email you back with a few questions and in most cases, we can offer you a baseline scholarship immediately!!!!  We will also offer you a chance to audition for more if you choose (not required).
  3. Apply for admissions.  When you apply for admissions, we will check out your high school GPA.  Did you know that 100% of qualifying students with 3.0 GPA or higher receive an ADDITIONAL academic scholarship?  You don’t even have to apply!  Once we receive your unofficial transcripts, we will take care of it for you.
  4. Complete you federal FAFSA form.  This is important because it can trigger additional financial scholarship or grans that you may be eligible for.  If you are a Georgia student, you can bring some of your HOPE or ZELL scholarship to Point University as well.  Some students qualify for Pell Grant and more…all of this can be used at Point University.
  5. Don’t forget private scholarships.  We can also send you a list of private scholarships to apply for.  Point University will accept all scholarships!

We have several students that attend Point University for free after all of the scholarships, grants, and financial aid has been applied!  


You: So I think I want to join The Marching Skyhawks, but I just want to know, What makes your band unique?

I am so glad you asked!  This is a great question.  The truth is that there are a lot of great college bands to choose from.  Seriously, we love to watch other college bands and cheer them on!  All college bands work hard.  To answer this question, I think I will simply talk about the things that make us unique.

    1.  A Christian worldview and perspective. If you want to be a part of an organization that shows that being a Christian is fun and exciting, than we are the place for you.  If you want to be a part of an organization that truly believes that our greatest calling is to love others, than we are the place for you.  If you want to learn key skills related to leadership principles that have stood the test of time and can apply to your future profession, even if it isn’t in music, than we are the place for you.
    1. A program where #Family is first and other things are second.  We believe that when our students are being served and feel that they #Belong, our high impact quality performances are simply a reflection of the greater success that is occurring.  By this we mean, that our success is first determined by the success of our students.
  1. A nationally competitive program.  In 2019, we were the only college in the state of Georgia to have a marching winds group that competed at the WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH.  Our three time WGI medalist ensemble has a national following.  We are the only collegiate band program in Georgia or Alabama with three WGI World Championship medalist trophies.  Come to Point University if you want to perform on the World Stage.
  2. You want to be in a high impact, high quality, national marching ensemble all year! When other colleges end their marching season after football ends, our year is just beginning.  Once marching season ends, our students move into our competitive groups and just keep getting better and better!
  3. A campus where Band is respected, valued, and loved.  Our student section cheers the band, our football team hangs with band members.  It is common to see band, cheer, and other athletic team members spending time with each other in between classes.  This is because we LOVE our athletes and they love us as well.  If you want to come to a campus with no clicks, social craziness, etc.  Come check out Point University.  You will find that this is truly a special place where everyone…not just the band…but EVERYONE can feel like they #Belong.

So that is it.  The final question is this, “Will you email us today and be part of the Point University Marching Skyhawk Legacy?”  Are you ready to talk seriously about joining our #Family?  Are you ready to #Belong?  

Let us make the next 4 years of your life amazing.

More importantly, let Point University equip you to use the rest of your life to make an impact on the world!  We hope to hear from you today!