Majorette Auditions

We are excited to announce the 2018 Skyhawk Majorette auditions!  All 2018 Skyhawk Majorettes will receive a Marching Skyhawks scholarship.  In addition, they will be able to work with our championship level instructors throughout the summer and through the fall.  Needless to say, our Skyhawk Majorettes will be amazing in 2018!

To join the group, here is what you need to know:

  1.  Round 1 Audition:  Email a video, preferably via YouTube link, to Dr. Boyd by March 1, of you twirling a routine of your choice.  This could be a routine that you personally write, your instructor writes, or it could be a closeup of you from your fall show while you are performing.  There is no set list of tricks that you need for this video.  All you need is to showcase your best work at your personal skill level.  Our instructors will view all videos to determine if you have the skills necessary to progress to the final audition.
  2. March 7.  Majorettes will be contacted via email to let them know if they are progressing to the next round.
  3. Round 2 Audition, March 24:  Final Majorette auditions take place on the campus of Point University.  Exact times and activities will be email out to those that progress to the final round.
  1. Forwards figure eights (right and left hand)
  2. Backwards figure eights (right and left hand)
  3. Vertical finger twirls (right and left hand)
  4. Horizontal finger twirls (right and left hand)
  5. Thumb flips (right and left hand)
  6. Back hand flips (left hand)
  7. Back catch
  8. Vertical one turn
  9. Vertical two turn
  10. Horizontal one turn
  11. Horizontal two turn
  12. Back hand flip one turn
  13. Bow toss
  14. Right reverse allusion toss

Dr. Boyd’s email address:


“The majorettes are one of the most exciting parts of the Marching Skyhawk tradition.  They exemplify what it means to perform with excellence, work with determination, and all of the values that make membership in the Marching Skyhawks special.  I am excited that you wish to be with us on the journey.”  

-Dr Joshua Boyd, Director of the Marching Skyhawks