Majorette Auditions

Greetings #FutureSkyhawks!

We are excited to announce the audition process for the 2019 Marching Skyhawk Majorettes.

  1.  Round 1:  Anyone who is interested in auditioning for the majorettes should send in a video (YouTube link, Dropbox Link, or Google Drive Link) to Dr. Boyd ( showcasing your best routine.  This video could be a video of you twirling with your high school band or it could be a solo routine that you film on your own.  Please be certain that the video is zoomed in on you so that it can be judged clearly.  This video is due by March 1, 2019.
  2. Round 2:  Candidates who pass to round 2 will be notified in the week following March 1st.  These candidates will be invited to Point University campus on Saturday, May 11 for the final audition (time TBD).  At the final audition candidates will be asked to perform the following tricks as well as learn a group routine.

Figure eights forwards: Right and left hand

Figure eights backwards: Right and left hand

Vertical finger twirls: Right and left hand

Horizontal finger twirls: Right and left hand

Thumb flips: Right and left hand

Back hand flips: Left hand

Back catch

Vertical one turn

Vertical two turn

Horizontal one turn

Back hand flip one turn

Bow toss


The official 2019 Marching Skyhawk Majorettes members will be posted on this webpage within 1 week of the final audition.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Dr. Boyd at any time