The Marching Skyhawks Scholarship is a financial award that is given to ALL students that choose to participate in the Point University Marching Band.  Unlike the Cartwright Scholarship (music majors only), the Marching Skyhawks scholarship is awarded to both music majors and non music majors and does not require a formal audition.  The exact amount of the award depends on the instrument that the student plays. If you would like to receive a Marching Skyhawks Scholarship, please complete the following steps.

1.  Email Dr. Boyd to let him know that you are considering attending Point University, would like to be in the marching band, and receive the Marching Skyhawks Scholarship.  In your email, be sure to include your name, and the name of the instrument you play. He will reply to your email with specific information about the scholarship amount, etc.

2.  Complete application for admission at Point University.

3.  We will send you an official scholarship agreement in the mail.  You will need to sign and return it.  The scholarship agreements are not official until you are officially admitted to Point University.

Popular Questions:

If I am a really good player, could I request an audition for a larger scholarship than what you offered?  Yes!  If you feel that you have extra talent, you are an all state player, and/or governor’s honors musician, etc., please set up an audition time to be considered for additional scholarship monies.  Email Dr. Boyd for more information.

Do Color Guard and Majorette members receive the Marching Skyhawks Scholarship?  Yes!

Can I still receive a Merit Scholarship and/ or federal grants and receive a Marching Skyhawks Scholarship?  Yes!  The Marching Skyhawks Scholarship can be combined with what is called a “Marching Band Merit Scholarship.”  The Merit scholarship is awarded to students based on academic performance.  The higher your GPA and test grades, the higher the Merit award will be.  Furthermore, you are still able to receive other forms of federal and non institutional aid.

What is a Cartwright Scholarship?  The Cartwright Scholarship is a separate scholarship from the Marching Skyhawks Scholarship.  It is given ONLY to music majors.  It requires students to complete a placement test as well as formal audition on your primary instrument.  The Marching Skyhawks Scholarship is awarded to ALL band members regardless of their major and requires no formal audition.  Students with exceptional musical aptitude are still welcome to send in a video to Dr. Boyd to be considered for a larger Marching Skyhawks Scholarship.

Do I have to major in music to receive a Marching Skyhawks Scholarship? No.  The Marching Skyhawks are open to any full time traditional student at Point University.

What ensembles would I be required to participate in if I received a Marching Skyhawks Scholarship?  To receive a Marching Skyhawks Scholarship, a student must fully participate in the Marching Skyhawks,  Concert Band, and basketball Pep Band.  Other ensembles are optional, but not required.