Skyhawk Band Day


Attention all High School Band Directors

Its time to sign your band up for the…

2018 Skyhawk Band Day Extravaganza!

Registration is Closed

All high school students are invited to be a part of our annual “Skyhawk Band Day” at Point University.  This event will take place on September 22, 2018 at the Scott Performing Arts Center and Marching Skyhawks field at Point University.

The event is an educational clinic day designed to give students an insight into the collegiate band experience.  In addition, students will get to participate in an interactive band leadership clinic where they will learn new skills they can implement immediately!

Our goal is that students leave  Skyhawk Band Day Excited, Inspired, and Motivated!

New for 2018:

  • Interactive Band Leadership Clinic
  • Junior and Senior round table discussion
  • Marching Skyhawk’s rehearsal clinic and performance
  • Option Non competitive Band showcase (explained below)
  • Over 75% of the day is inside in the air conditioner!
  • Everything takes place in one location!

Benefits for Participating Directors:

  • Free Directors gift:  Thanks to our sponsor Ken Stanton Music, band directors can choose any 1 of these awesome directors gifts.
      • Boss DB-90 Metronome (Dr. Beat)
      • On Stage GTA 7000 Chromatic Tuners (set of 3)
      • Innovative stick bag
      • Bobcat Mouthpiece puller
      • Visa $50.00 Gift Card


  • Directors orientation and appreciation summer day.  
    • On June 28th, all participating directors are invited to Point University to tour our facilities and walk through the Band Day event.  While you are on campus, our staff will take you to lunch and then we will play a round of golf at our beautiful Point University Golf Club.  All of this is free and our way of saying thank you for bringing your band!  Even if you don’t play golf, we hope you will attend and “talk shop.”


Benefits for Participating Students

  • All students receive a free T-shirt, Chick-fila lunch, and more.
  • Students will get a chance to meet other band members during our Skyhawk Kick Off Party, which will be happening as you arrive.
  • Students will participate in the Band Leadership Clinic.
  • Students will get a chance to observe a rehearsal clinic and performance by the Marching Skyhawks.
  • Students will get a chance to show off their talents by performing for other students in a non-competitive environment.
  • ALL students will get to play together for our LIVE MASS BAND SOCIAL MEDIA SPECTACULAR!
  • Juniors and Seniors will get to participate in a college round table discussion.

Space is limited to the first 600 participants!  In order to make sure that you are able to participate in the Directors orientation and appreciation day, please register here today.

Registration is Closed

Note:  Parents and/or band directors are responsible for supervision and transportation during this event.



Bus Transportation Information:

Buses will park in the exact same location as in past years.  The buses will go to the Lanier Academic Building parking located at 507 West 10th Street, West Point, GA 31833. There will someone in the parking lot to direct your bus to park on the far side of the parking lot.  This is important as it will help you get out of the parking lot quicker later.  CARS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARK IN THE BUS PARKING LOT.  Cars should park around the sides of the Lanier Academic Building or in parking spaces in downtown West Point.


Equipment Truck Parking:  NEW THIS YEAR

Equipment trucks will follow the buses, and then will take a left (5th Avenue) at the Lanier Academic Building between the building and the bus parking lot.  They will follow this road to straight forward to the Marching Skyhawks Practice field and loading dock.  This is where they will park.  This is where the students will play together at the end of the day.  This also makes it so that your students will not have to carry their equipment anywhere!  The physical address of the Coleman Band Building is 711 4th Avenue, West Point, GA 31833.  The practice field is located BEHIND the building.

Schedule of Events:

Band Day Schedule:

9:00-9:20.  Block party begins!  Students arrive and check in at the Scott Performing Arts Center at Point University.

  • GPS this address to arrive at the meeting parking lot:
    • 507 West 10th Street, West Point, GA 31833
    • Band guides will be in the parking lot to point you in the right direction!
  • Kick off party will be going on as you arrive.
  • A staff member will meet you at the bus when you arrive.

9:30.  Welcome our guests.  We will split your students into groups: Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Auxiliaries.  We will then split into rooms for the leadership clinic portion.

10:00. Session 1:  Leadership Clinic: “Its not about the title, its about the value.”

  • Our clinics will focus on 1.  Helping students lead through adding value to their sections (not through having a title).  Second, we will introduce the idea of having leadership that exist to create “Wow Moments” within their sections.

11:00 Session 2:  Roundtable Discussions

  • Freshmen and Sophomores: “Do you have what it takes to be a college musician.”
  • Juniors and Seniors: “How to go to college for free or little money.”

12:00. Lunch in Coleman Building

  • Students will walk down the street with our band guides to the band building, where we will feed all of the students a ChickFila lunch!
  • During lunch (at 12:15).  The Marching Skyhawks will play a standstill performance while your band students enjoy their lunch.

12:45. Everyone gets their equipment.  The equipment trucks will already be at the Coleman  Building.  Your students can walk right out the back door and get their instruments

1:00. Marching Skyhawks Rehearsal clinic on band field (behind Coleman field)

1:20. Optional non-completive band showcase (participating bands can play a stands chart of their own )

  • Now that the Marching Skyhawks have played for you, we would LOVE to see your band perform a favorite stands chart for us.  This is a great time for every band to play for each other in a non competitive environment.  Standstill only….optional!
  • At the conclusion of each performance, we will present your drum major with an award to your band for participating in the event.

1:45. Mass Band Rehearsal and Performance for social media.  We will recognize participating bands.

  • This is where we will all play the final two songs together!  We will live stream this on the Marching Skyhawks Facebook Live for the world to see!

2:30. Approximately the time Band Day will be completed.  

Music:  Click here to download the music for the half time event. 

Guard/Majorette/Dance:  Click here to see the easy routine videos for the half time event. (posted in September)

Majorette Hay Routine front

Majorette Hay Routine back

Majorette Silverscrapes Routine front

Majorette Silverscrapes Routine Back 

Dance Hay

Dance Silverscrapes

Dance Fight Song

Guard Hay

Guard Silverscrapes  

Guard and Majorette Fight Song

Note:  Band Directors that register large groups will be sent additional information in regards to bus parking, travel routes, etc., two weeks before the event.