Things to know for Band Camp

Greetings Marching Skyhawks!

It is hard to believe that move in is coming up soon!  What started as a dream 4 years ago will grow even bigger and stronger.  Together, we are going to do something absolutely incredible this year.  Our show writers and production managers have created an amazing show that I know you will love to perform.

As you prepare for move in, I wanted to give you a few last reminders.  First,  remember that FRESHMEN ONLY move in on August 6th and all other members will move in on August 7th.  It is really important that you come on the right date.  If you have not attended LINK, you will be expected to do so before you can check in to your apartment.  If you have any questions about where you stand with admissions, please email Cathy Slusher  (

When you move in, you will be moving in for the entire school year!  So be sure to bring everything that you need for the year.  This is an exciting time, so feel free to let your parents help you move and also spend a little bit of time with them on the afternoon of move in day.  We will not meet together until after dinner.  You can see the full schedule below.

For rehearsals, dress for the heat!  Generally speaking, what you wore for your high school band camp is perfect for Point band camp.  Don’t forget your water cooler!  Bring anything that you need medically for the week as well (inhalers, etc.).  We want to make sure that you feel your best for the entire camp.

If you are new and do not know what to expect, do not stress.  Our meeting on Monday night with all new people will be the perfect time for you to ask questions and meet with us as a group and individually.  Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  Ultimately, our dream is that you are as excited about the upcoming season as we are!

You will purchase your band shoes during camp ($45.00 per pair).  This will not be due until we get closer to time to check out uniforms.  Don’t forget any valve oil, reeds, etc. that you need for instrument.  This is so important.

We will be playing A LOT of music in the stands this year.  You will need either a spiral bound set of notecards to serve as your dot book or a dot book app for your mobile device.  If you don’t know what a dot book is, do not stress, just bring the spiral bound notecards and we will show you how to put it together.

Don’t forget sunscreen!!!!!

My email address is  Never hesitate to email me with any questions.  The fourth edition of the Marching Skyhawks will be awesome!  I am looking forward to our first meeting together with the full band.  It is a special time, this is a special place, and together, we can achieve greatness.

See you soon,

Dr. Boyd

Things to know for Band Camp

Feel free to email me at any time if you have questions (


The move in date for band camp is August 6th for new freshmen and August 7th for returning members . Most of this day is dedicated to Link Orientation (housing orientation), and move in. We will have a full band meeting in the Scott Performing Arts Center at 6:00pm.


If you are staying in University Housing for the fall. You will move into your rooming assignment when you arrive for move in (after your LINK orientation has been completed). Please be advised that you will need to bring all of your linens, toiletries, etc., for camp. All Marching Skyhawks scholarship holders must adhere to the University Housing rules. Band camp housing is not being provided for students who are not living in University Housing.

Meals (updated):

Point will be catering meals for camp!


Attendance at all rehearsal and performances is mandatory. We will be setting the standard for excellence in the marching arts. It is important that we have 100% attendance at all rehearsals to achieve our goals. Please be aware that attendance is also an important part of the Marching Skyhawks scholarship.


Your instrument and equipment should be brought to all rehearsals (not including our Aug. 6th and 7th meetings). You will also need 3 ring binder with about 5 page protectors for your music and a pencil. Percussion, Guard, Baritones, Mellophones, Baritone Saxophone, and Tubas will have an instrument provided for you by the school. During rehearsals it is very important that you wear athletic quality shoes. We will practice on a variety of surfaces. Protection of your feel is very important to our success.

In addition, we will wear same color shirts during band camp on certain days.  The purpose of this is to help with the setting of drill as well as enabling us to visually “be a team.”  You will need to wear matching T-shirts to match this schedule.  Please note, that it is okay if you have a design or something on that shirt, so as long as the primary color matches.

Mondays:  Yellow

Tuesdays:  White

Wednesdays: Navy

Thursdays:  Blue

Fridays:  Red

Saturdays:  White


The Marching Skyhawks will memorize all of the half time music; however, it is important that music is at every rehearsal for the student to reference. You should have all of your music in a black 3 ring binder with page protectors (to protect in rainy weather).


Marching members will learn movements by drill charts. Students will be responsible for keeping up with their drill coordinates. It is suggested that you have a spiral bound set of notecards to write down and keep up with your coodinates.

Color guard:

Guard members will rehearse on some Saturdays in addition to the regular band camp schedule.  All weapons must own their rifle or saber.   This is not required for girls who are not wishing to be on the weapon line.


Majorettes will also be responsible to purchase their white Nancy style boots from Point University for $80.  The total fee of $80 is due on the first day of band camp.

Majorettes are expected to own their own batons.

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